Trump Considers Possibility That Obama Had Scalia Murdered

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who pays the slightest attention to the world of kooky conspiracy theorists, as soon as it was announced that Justice Antonin Scalia had passed away, Alex Jones and Michael Savage jumped on the theory that the Obama administration MURDERED him. Why? Because that’s just what they do. For a living. Like, basically every time someone dies they decide that they were actually murdered as part as some kind of grand conspiracy.

This morning, Donald Trump stopped by Michael Savage’s radio show to discuss this theory–which he seemed hesitant to rule out. In fact, in response to Savage’s claims, Trump said that while he didn’t yet have enough information to comment, he found it “pretty unusual” that Scalia was found with a pillow over his face. You know, because if you were going to murder someone in their sleep by putting a pillow over their face, you’d just leave it there for anyone to find instead of just putting it somewhere else.

Trump is, of course, no stranger to the tin-foil hat crowd–given his strong birther streak and the fact that he pals around with Alex Jones.

Savage and Trump actually have quite a bit in common! For instance, Savage has previously called returning soldiers with PTSD “a bunch of losers” who “need to stand up and stop crying like a baby over everything,” and Trump has said, of POWs, that he prefers people who “didn’t get caught.” Looks like a match made in heaven! Could we be looking at a possible VP pick?