All Britney Spears Wants Is a “Hot Nerd” With A “Big Penis”, Just Like The Rest Of Us

Britney Spears is currently installed in Vegas running through her “Pieces Of Me” showcase, and thankfully for the rest of us, she’s seemed to have misplaced her fucks, because she has zero left to give. For those of us not lucky enough to have seen the goddess in action, in between songs, she engages in light banter. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but this weekend, Valentine’s Day had Ms. Spears a little horned up. Here, for all of those interested, are her requirements.

Like the rest of us, Britney Spears wants a “hot nerd” with a “big penis.” Who wouldn’t want a hot nerd with a big penis? Is that a unicorn? Do they exist? Hello? It’s her, Britney, and if you are hot, a nerd and also packin’ heat, lucky you. She’s waiting ;)