ALDI Tampons Might Dissolve In Your Vagina, Just FYI

As if having periods and paying $60 a year for menstrual products every child-bearing year of your life wasn’t enough of a nightmare, now you can have your tampon dissolve in your vagina! That’s what happened to 19-year-old Lauren Richardson, anyway, when she used Florette-brand tampons from ALDI.

As you can see in the video Richardson made, the tampons don’t hold up to even five minutes in water — and similarly, they didn’t hold up to five minutes of menstrual use for her, either. She said that five minutes after she applied the Florette tampon, it started hurting, but when she tried to remove it only half of it came out. She had to dig the rest of it out herself. “All I could think was: ‘Oh my God, what if I had left it in any longer, maybe nothing would have come out,’” Richardson said.

And as she points out, this puts customers at a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, which could be fatal. She’s calling on ALDI to recall the tampons, but so far they’ve only offered her a refund and asked her to return the tampons so that they can investigate the issue.

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