Valentine’s Day Got You Down? Look At This Majestic Egyptian Jumping Donkey Instead

Does Valentine’s Day make you want to stick your head inside the crevices of your IKEA couch cushions until April? Do you wince everytime you see a red rose being thrust into the face of a teary-eyed girlfriend?

Well, then I have the cure for you! A donkey in Egypt has gained fame because of her ability to jump super well. Not only that but her owner is a 14 year-old farmer named Ahmed Ayman who has trained his ASS to be this BADASS (har har). And the donkey is a girl to boot!

Are you kidding me with this majesty?!

Ahmed and bae:

This lady donkey is fast as hell you guys.

Ahhhhhhh! There they go!!!!

Ok, now you are cured of all Valentine’s Day malaise, don’t you agree?