Valentine’s Day Got You Down? Look At This Majestic Egyptian Jumping Donkey Instead

Katrin Higher | February 14, 2016 - 12:00 pm

Does Valentine’s Day make you want to stick your head inside the crevices of your IKEA couch cushions until April? Do you wince everytime you see a red rose being thrust into the face of a teary-eyed girlfriend?

Well, then I have the cure for you! A donkey in Egypt has gained fame because of her ability to jump super well. Not only that but her owner is a 14 year-old farmer named Ahmed Ayman who has trained his ASS to be this BADASS (har har). And the donkey is a girl to boot!

Are you kidding me with this majesty?!

Ahmed and bae:

This lady donkey is fast as hell you guys.

Ahhhhhhh! There they go!!!!

Ok, now you are cured of all Valentine’s Day malaise, don’t you agree?