High School Senior Buys Valentine’s Flowers For All 834 Girls At His School

Incredible gesture, or maybe a bit over the top? What do you think?

17 year old Smithfield, Utah resident Hayden Godfrey decided to save up his money for a year and a half to be able to afford $450 worth of 900 carnations from an online wholesaler in order to give one flower to all the girls in his high school.

Godfrey says he began earning the money for his flower fund by working as a cook at a nearby McDonald’s, a dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant, as well as bagging groceries at a local store. That is dedication.

However, this was not just an idea on a whim. Hayden has been celebrating Valentine’s Day in huge ways since he was 14 which involved sending friends surprise gifts until he decided he wanted everyone to be happy! He also didn’t want any girl to be left out this Valentine’s Day.

Even Hayden’s girlfriend thought the idea was great, not being jealous at all by his giant gesture. Here they are being cute.


Ok Hayden, I’ll allow it. You seem like you’re ok.