This Is What It Looks Like When You Sneeze Without Covering Your Mouth

Remember how your mom told you that you to cover your mouth when you sneeze? It turns out she wasn’t doing that to be annoying, but because when you don’t, it’s actually horrifically disgusting and extremely unhygienic!

Some well-intentioned folks over at MIT took high-speed photos of over 100 sneezes and the results are just as bad as you might suspect.

Per The Cut:

“New high-speed videos captured by MIT researchers show that as a person sneezes, they launch a sheet of fluid that balloons, then breaks apart in long filaments that destabilize, and finally disperses as a spray of droplets, similar to paint that is flung through the air.”

What a horrid string of words. If you’ve ever sneezed¬†en plein air and you make a habit of it, do me and the rest of the world a favor and cut that shit out right now. Here, look at this picture.


Guys. That is gross. All of that is sick. Do like your mom told you and cover your mouth when you sneeze. Sneeze into the crook of your elbow. Sneeze into your sleeve. Please do not unleash the glory of your potential airborne illness onto this world. Your coworkers and the rest of humanity thank you.