Some Tortoises Totally Had Sex During A Fashion Show For NYFW

Fashion designer Mathieu Mirano’s desert-themed runway show for his Fall 2016 collection went off without a hitch except for some randy reptiles who couldn’t wait to jump each other’s bones.

Mirano’s crew covered the runway with sand to create a dreamy desert-like setting for his gorgeous gowns, and he placed the giant tortoises in the space freely, so they could wander at their leisure.

The tortoises were not interested in the over-priced collection, however, they were horny as hell and interested in getting it on in a corner.

#MathieuMirano was inspired while in the Egyptian desert. This is our favorite gown #nyfw

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Here they are adorably looking at themselves in the mirror. I’m dying to know – was this pre or post coitus? Or should I say toitose??? I’m so sorry.

Happy Valentine’s Day you cute love bugs.