For The Love Of God Do Not Set Your iPhone Clock Back To 1970

Here is a cautionary tale for our time.

Apple has always bragged about their “no viruses” reputation, however, if you are dumb and decide to do this hack, you will definitely get one.

In this case if you set your baby — I mean iPhone clock back to January 1, 1970, you will “brick” your phone. Bricking just means that it becomes completely unusable.

Why would someone ever set their clock back to this date? Perhaps to get some real Instagram filter from the era? Unfortunately, a rumor was spread by 4Chan, that if you do this, you can get a cool retro 1970s apple logo on your screen:

To this I say, just screenshot a Google image of a retro logo and make it your damn home screen background photo you dope.

So yeah, unless you want to brick your phone in a manner that even the Genius Bar at the Apple Store cannot fix (it’s true), do NOT try this at home.