Five-Year-Old Girl Analyzes Her Breakup Better Than All Of Us

Ah, breakups are in the air!

But I guarantee you aren’t as good at contemplating your situation as well as five-year-old Quinn, who was caught on camera recently wringing her hands over her most recent relationship on her way home from preschool.

Quinn explains that a really nice guy likes her, but she’s just not that into him. Oh honey, we feel you so hard!

She says of her situation:

“He’s sweet and romantic but I think I’m too young to have a boyfriend. But it’s like he looks so happy and it’s just –I don’t want to break his heart. He looks so happy.”

Quinn’s mom Sloan Heffernan has said that she’s already kissed him on the playground but things got super complicated when another boy began pursuing her.

“It’s the only thing I can do, I guess. I’ll just tell him it’s time to break up.”

Girl, you are a wise sage and we could all learn so much from you.