Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Is Confirmed Dead At 79, Left Rejoices

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been pronounced dead in Texas while on a hunting trip on Saturday according to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Wildly unpopular among the liberal left, and to anyone who believes in gay rights, women’s rights and well, human rights in general, Scalia’s death hasn’t been mourned too much at all, which begs the question: is our celebration of his death “too soon”?

I’m seeing MANY folks chant “ding dong the witch is dead!” all over social media.

Many comedians and political influencers have taken to Twitter to rejoice Scalia’s death by natural causes.

Tons of us are also hopeful: pointing out how Scalia’s death now opens up the opportunity for Obama to elect a democratic Supreme Court Justice as a replacement, before he leaves office.

Look, we can all mourn and not mourn as we please right? He made it so many people couldn’t live how they wanted to live, so maybe “not being sad” this time around is ok.

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