You May Be Able To Get A Tattoo At Whole Foods Soon, Like A True Rebel

Whole Foods doesn’t just want to be the place where you buy your ornamental kale and luxury asparagus water. They want to cater to all of your needs–you know, as a hip and happening millennial.

Thus, they are instituting a program at their new chain of 365 stores called “Friends of 365“–in which they partner with “independent business owners who bring their special mojo to our 365 stores,” including record sellers and tattoo artists. Because who doesn’t want to get a tattoo in the middle of a busy grocery store? Sometimes you’re just running to the store for some organic gluten-free sprouted milk and you suddenly realize you always wanted a tattoo of a battleship on your chest! Now you can multi-task!

The 365 stores will be specifically geared towards millennials, and meant to compete with Trader Joe’s. The first one will open in Los Angeles in May.

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