Why Was Henry Kissinger So Bad? Watch This Documentary To Find Out

In one of the most tense moments of last night’s Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders called out Hillary Clinton on her relationship with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (under Nixon and Ford)–considered by many (including myself) to be a war criminal and mass murderer.

Following the exchange, google searches for Kissinger spiked. Just a little.

The problem with Kissinger? He killed a fuck ton of people. From helping to organize a secret carpetbombing of Cambodia and Laos known as Operation Menu, to helping to overthrow Salvador Allende, the democratically elected President of Chile–for no other reason than that he was a Socialist and Nixon didn’t want “another Cuba.” That’s the “domino theory” that Sanders referred to in the debate–we essentially went to war with countries that elected Socialist or Communist leaders because we didn’t want Communism to spread. As my mom put it in a text to me during the debate “Lotta dead bodies behind that fucking domino theory.”

That coup was led by a fella by the name of Augustus Pinochet, who was then installed rather than elected, as President. And, although Pinochet would go on to to kill thousands and intern and torture tens of thousands, we continued to provide him, and other horrific South American dictators promising to keep their countries Communist-free, with material support (Operation Condor). Kissinger was highly involved in all of this.

Thus, although I mostly have nothing against Clinton and will absolutely support the hell out of her if she ends up in the general election, I do believe it’s fair to criticize her relationship with Kissinger. Sure! He’s a really, really smart guy, but he’s also incredibly evil. I could see if it were some kind of “Silence of the Lambs” type deal, but an actual friendship and mutual admiration is a little sketchy.

Anyway! I could go on, but instead, I’m going to point out that “The Trial of Henry Kissinger”–a documentary on the former Secretary of State and the war crimes he’s accused of–is available both on YouTube and for free on Amazon Prime if you have that. It’s based on the book by Christopher Hitchens–whom, for all of his faulty opinions on the humor of women and other things–is definitely right on when it comes to Kissinger. If you aren’t familiar with Kissinger and would like to be, or if you just need a refresher, it’s a good place to start.