This New Trailer For ‘Confirmation’ Features Kerry Washington As Anita Hill

No stranger to successfully tackling political roles, Kerry Washington is slated to portray Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas’ 1991 Supreme Court Confirmation in her upcoming film Confirmation. She shared the first trailer on Twitter, and it looks just as good as you’d hope.

Featuring Jennifer Hudson as Angela Wright, The Wire’s Wendell pierce as Clarence Thomas and Greg Kinnear as Joe Biden, Confirmation has an undeniably stacked line-up, and seeks to highlight the ways in which these hearings affected the cultural conversation at large.

“One of the most important things that happened as a result of the hearings was that it changed the global conversation,” Kerry said, “That is an outcome that we all felt was really important, and we wanted to make sure that conversation continues.”

Check out the full Confirmation film when its released, April 16th!

(Marie Claire)