Hero Woman Protests Business Meeting By Spraying Breast Milk

An unnamed Ukranian businesswoman trapped in a 14-hour meeting expressed her displeasure with the proceedings by whipping out a tit and spraying breast milk into the crowd of besuited men. This! This. This is how it’s done.

According to YouTube, the woman says ‘I can’t take no more, I want to go home. Declare a break!’ When her cries go unanswered, she sprays breast milk into the unsuspecting crowd, yucking out then dude closest to her who visibly cringes when his hand touches the devil’s fluid. The best part is watching her squeeze her breast in preparation, because despite her best effort to get this meeting over and done with, it still rages on. 

Let the record show that 14 hours for a meeting is a ridiculous amount of time. Do what you gotta do, lady. We support you.