Darling Texas A&M Students Greet Black High Schoolers With Racial Slurs, Confederate Earrings

A group of black students from the Uplift Hampton Preparatory School in Dallas were visiting Texas A&M University in order to consider it as a prospective school, when they were accosted by a group of current students who were–to put it mildly, not too happy to see them there.

According to a statement from State Sen. Royce West, the incident began when a female Texas A&M student approached one of the teens and loudly asked him if he liked her Confederate Flag earrings. Accessories which, even if they were not explicitly racist, would still be tacky as hell, judging by a Google Image search I just did. Other students, after hearing her, joined her and began yelling racial slurs at the students and yelling “Go back where you came from!” and continued going on about the Confederate Flag.

The incident was witnessed by the Texas A&M officials who were leading the Uplift Hampton students on their tour. Although the incident was at first excused by a campus officer, who said the students were merely expressing their First Amendment rights, a report was made and is now being investigated by University officials.

University President Michael K. Young has issued a statement condemning the incident and saying it will be investigated, writing “While the actions of a few certainly do not represent our institution as a whole, it is the responsibility of all of us to stop any incidents that could be considered hateful or biased — based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability or any other factor.”

However, there has been some pushback on that from other students on campus, who feel that the students involved in the incident should not be condemned for hurling the racist insults.

This is far from the first well-publicized racist incident to occur at Texas A&M in recent years. In 2012, the Texas Aggie Conservatives club came under fire for promoting their club with this charming ad:

TAC racist ad
CREDIT: Burnt Orange Report, via the Wayback Machine

The school has also had a controversial relationship with former student Preston Wiginton, a Neo-Nazi who has hosted several events at the college–including sponsoring the a speech from White Nationalist Jared Taylor (who, by the way, is the same White Nationalist Jared Taylor who organized that phone bank for Donald Trump) an appearance from Holocaust denier Nick Griffin, and a showing of a film by White Nationalist Craig Bodeker, and an event with Putin advisor Aleksandr Dugin, who has called for the genocide of the Ukranian people.

It’s not entirely surprising that a school that allows the sponsorship of events like this has a student body that thinks it’s OK to yell racial slurs at black students.

[The New Civil Rights Movement]