A Swedish Instagram Celeb Does Yoga With A Goat, Obviously

Rachel Brathem, if you’re unfamiliar, is a Swedish yoga celebrity who has successfully published a book and has a devoted instagram following of over 1.8 million. Naturally, she’s  upped her game by acquiring a pet goat that appears in yoga-grams with her.

She adopted her tiny goat Penny Lane this past Christmas with her husband, and ever since Penny and Brathem have become inseparable yoga partners, creating videos and instagrams that have only confirmed my deep fears that death has overtaken my soul, because I cringe in UGH at the triple threat of a white Swedish woman living in Aruba (Venezuela), who makes a living off teaching yoga and posts viral cute videos with A GOAT. Can people do cute things that don’t annoy me? Probably not — but that’s a personal battle to fight.

  She even borrowed a cute baby for this one?! This is so morally and emotionally confusing for me.  


Penny Lane has better balance than most of us can ever hope to emotionally achieve.


Here, Penny’s likely moderating all the instagram comments, lapping up all that sweet web fame.