Watch Melissa McCarthy Rap The Kanye Classic ‘Butterscotch Man’

Melissa McCarthy is a woman of many talents and much knowledge, so it’s no small surprise that she pulled out her newest secret weapon on this week’s SNL promo — a deep-cut knowledge of Kanye’s greatest hits. Or at least, the fictional hits the world would gladly accept into his library.

During Vanessa Bayer and Melissa McCarthy’s chat about Kanye’s musical appearance on the upcoming SNL, McCarthy reveals her favorite Kanye hit is titled “Butterscotch Man,” immediately spitting some verses for a confused Bayer.

Is it possible McCarthy knows something about Kanye’s upcoming album the rest of us don’t? Kanye just announced the name of his new album is T.L.O.P (The Life Of Pablo), so we might be entering the cubist phase of West’s career, which could in it’s abstractions include references to butterscotch. Anything is possible.

(Marie Claire)