Stop The Madness: US Congressman Vapes During A Hearing On Vaping

If you were already feeling bad about the current political landscape, you should just stop reading now. Congressman Duncan Hunter has a short list of things he cares about, and right at the very top is your right to puff on your e-cigarette wherever you damn well choose. Hunter was in a Transport Committee hearing over the right to use e-cigarettes on planes when he decided to exercise his right to vape and pontificate at the same time. Pretty impressive! Any naughty high schooler knows the best way to punctuate your argument is with some pointed smoke-blowing.

In any case, Hunter’s vaping didn’t sway anyone’s opinion, and vaping is still banned on planes. Previously Hunter wrote an open letter to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over her anti-vaping buzzkill ways. “Yes, I vape — as do millions of other Americans. And why do I vape? It is because it prevents me from smoking the real thing,” he wrote. It’s a well-known fact that quitting smoking is like murdering a tiny piece of your soul, but, bro, you flew and/or attended congressional hearings without your delicious, strawberry-flavored pacifier before this;  you’ll manage just fine without it.

On the other hand, Hunter did have one interesting point. “In the next decade or so, you’re going to be able to inhale your ibuprofen, you’re going to be able to inhale your Prozac,” he said during the hearing. “Anything else you need drug-wise, you’re going to be able to inhale it.”

Vaping SSRIs? Now we’re talking.