‘Neon Moon’ Releases Body Positive Lingerie Ad Featuring Women With Stretchmarks And Body Hair

Self-described feminist lingerie company New Moon just released a new advertisement in time for Valentines Day that features natural women of different sizes celebrating their bodies.

Intentionally meant to combat the slew of absurdly air-brushed ads featuring models no one can mirror,  New Moon’s ad shows women with body hair, stretch marks and scars dancing and working the camera.

“I am not defined by my scars,” says one woman, “My scars are part of me and I love them.”

“My weight doesn’t define my self-worth, says another featured woman, “I’m not living up to anyone’s expectations except my own.”

The brand was created in 2014 by founder Hayat Rachi, who wanted to create a positive alternative to the normally manipulative body-shaming culture of the lingerie industry.

“When stretch marks, body hair, cellulite, scars, freckles and acne would usually be retouched away, Neon Moon embraces it,” says Rachi, “I designed every piece of lingerie so a person’s body creates the shape of the bra and brief, and not the other way around. Neon Moon is inspiring everyone to love the body they have.”

Normally, I turn a side-eye to these types of campaigns because they feel like an obvious corporate grab at revenue through a sterilized version of “empowerment.” But, considering the fact that Neon Moon is an independent company that was started by women-for-women with the intention of creating an empowered alternative (vs the obvious manipulation of corporations like Dove), I tip my hat to it, and hope it encourages more women to have fun with underwear shopping. Because goddamn, buying a good new pair of undergarments can be one of the best feelings out there.

#NeonMoonCelebrateYouIt’s time to celebrate our “flaws”. To celebrate our very first Valentine’s Day, Neon Moon encourages you to celebrate yourself above all else with #NeonMoonCelebrateYou. Our amazing new campaign video showcases the different ways people love themselves and their bodies, just like we all should. Tag people below who you love and celebrate for being themselves! Let’s share the body-positive love this Valentine’s Day.Love, your feminist Valentine, Neon Moon.www.neonmoon.co

Posted by NEON MOON on Monday, February 8, 2016