‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Trailer: Man, Frank Underwood Is Scary As Hell

Remember¬†House of Cards? Us, too, but barely. Here, let’s jog your memory before you rip into this trailer: A lot of bad things happened, and now Frank Underwood is president and Claire doesn’t want to be married to him anymore because he’s clearly insane and the country and the White House are not safe from his Machiavellian machinations!! And so, that leaves us here.

“You have no idea what it’s like to have nothing,” says Frank Underwood, as Claire leans against doorjambs and cuts glass with her cheekbones. Is there anywhere to go now that Frank has actually ascended to the highest office in the land? Will Claire finally kill Frank, leave his body in a unmarked Lincoln Town Car off the Belt parkway and fly to Dubai? Probably no, to that last bit, as there’s already a 5th season. But, hey, a girl can dream, right?