The World Is Ending On Valentine’s Day This Year, Get Your Life Together

Valentine’s Day is a terrible holiday, full of cards and conversation hearts and reminders that yes, everyone will eventually die alone. And, this year, when Cupid draws back his bow, instead of ducking to avoid its sting, soothe yourself with the fact that Ghostbusters 2 predicted that the end of the world is on Valentine’s Day, 2016.

In the above clip, Peter Venkman(Bill Murphy) listens to Elaine, a guest on “The World Of The Psychic” tell a riveting tale about an encounter with an alien at a hotel in Paramus, New Jersey. This is how we’ve always imagined finding out about the end of the world, and we have Elaine to thank. Aliens are notoriously unreliable sources, but you know, Elaine’s pretty convincing. You have four days to do just about everything you’ve ever wanted to do before the world ends and we are all obliterated to dust and starlight via laser beams. Get to it.