Hugh Hefner’s Son Cooper Doesn’t Agree With Playboy’s Direction

In the wake of Playboy’s major brand overhaul, including a decision to no longer feature printed nudes, and the magazine’s decision to sell the mansion while Hugh is still living in it, Hefner’s son Cooper has taken serious issue.

In an interview with Business Insider, Coop revealed that he disagrees with the magazine’s decision to cut nudes, claiming nudity was never the problem, but rather it was the simultaneously titillating and puritan way the women were presented that needed re-branding.

“I didn’t agree with the decision because I felt as though millennials and Gen-Y didn’t view nudity as the issue,” said Cooper, “The issue was the way in which the nudity and girls were portrayed.”

Although Cooper still has stocks in the company he’s been refocusing a large portion of his energy towards a startup called Hop, which vaguely names itself as “a brand for Millennials, by Millennials.”

“I was essentially asked to no longer participate in the board meetings because I didn’t agree with his vision for the company,” Cooper said of his disagreements with Playboy, “I think it is fair to say in some capacity I was really pushed out. Again, I don’t want to say ‘pushed out of the company,’ because you can never entirely be pushed out of a company when you have a family ownership stake in it.”

Besides his outspoken opposition to the discontinuation of nudes, Cooper also strongly discouraged the decision to sell the mansion, claiming it had long term financial repercussions for the brand that greatly outweighed the possible immediate gains.

Hugh Hefner himself has declined opportunity to comment on the interview.