A Film Producer Is Tweeting Painful Descriptions Of Women From Movie Scripts

As a film producer, you’re going to come across all sorts of scripts — the good, the bad, the ugly but mostly the slightly-charming-and-cringe-worthy. Ross Putnam is a film producer who’s decided to share snippets of these hilariously awful scripts with people in the form of a Twitter dedicated to nauseating descriptions of “female leads.”

As the bio confirms, all the tweets are word-for-word descriptions from real scripts that Putnam has read, the only alteration is his renaming of all characters as “Jane” both for privacy purposes, and a unified comedic effect, in which all tweets begin to blur into a stream of reductive, dystopian-now female archetypes.

Here are some examples.

It’s absolutely imperative that she makes these jeans look GOOD, most days at least.

Fuck-me shoes! The best part is this is a female lead, not a side character.

Wow, same.

I love the allusion to former modelhood as a definitive confirmation of her fuckability. Apparently living “an actual life” as a human fucked up Jane’s stagnantly conventional fuckability.

That imagery though.

Clarifying that she’s as “adorable” as she is sexy somehow creeps me out way more than the immediate drunk, naked dancing.

The shade thrown at Ann Taylor in this description has me guessing this was not penned by a run-of-the-mill straight man.

Farmland Beauty Queen is gonna be the name of my very confusing memoir.

As you can imagine, there are endlessly similar descriptions painting female protagonists as all sorts of creative sex vessels, I encourage you to visit the his Twitter feed yourself  to experience the full range of despair.

The incredible (depressing) fact is Putnam is just one producer tapping into the largely sexist circulating pool of mediocre scripts, can you even imagine all the sexy-but-adorably-distraught Janes we haven’t even read about yet? The sky is the limit! Or rather — the glass ceiling.