Weird Tennessee Parents Compare Gay-Straight Alliance To ISIS, Fear It Will Give Their Kids The Gay

A bunch of parents in Winchester, Tennessee are a little too worked up about students organizing a Gay-Straight Alliance at a local high school. You know, given the fact that we are living in the year 2016, where same-sex marriage is legal and Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs have been around since well before any of their kids were even born.

Although the school’s website explains to parents that, due to the Equal Access Act (signed by Ronald Reagan, FYI), they are required to allow students to have a GSA if they allow other extra-curricular activities, and though officials have stated that they have no intention of shutting down the club, there are still a bunch of weirdos desperately campaigning to have it shut down.

The New Civil Rights Movement reports that the opposition started when parent and local business owner John Wimley heard tell of Franklin County High School’s newly formed GSA. Wimley then created a Facebook event inviting his fellow bigots to come to the next Franklin County school board meeting in order to protest the group and “protect traditional marriage.” Which is a weird thing to do, considering that marriage equality is now the law of the land and there’s not much he can do about that at a school board meeting.

In another Facebook post, Wimley compared the GSA to ISIS, including the tag #PUTGODINSCHOOLSPLEASE.


Wimley is clearly unaware that it is, actually, illegal to #PUTGODINSCHOOLSPLEASE when those schools are supported by tax money. It’s also illegal to not allow a GSA in schools supported by tax money. Also, that analogy literally makes no sense at all, for any reason. Dude is basically just comparing one thing he doesn’t like that is totally legal, with another thing he doesn’t like that is both preposterous and definitely not legal. I mean, there are a lot of things I don’t like. For instance, I don’t like mimes, but you don’t hear me insisting that allowing mimes to exist is like legalizing cannibalism or anything.

Anyway! This Monday night, the big showdown happened. And although–again–the school board explained that they couldn’t ban a Gay-Straight Alliance without banning all extra-curricular activities, a bunch of weird bigot parents still showed up and tried to plead their case, holding up signs decorated with Christian flags. Supporters were also there, holding up rainbow signs and likely wondering how they still had to go through this crap in 2016.

Two people on each side of the argument had a chance to speak. When those opposed to the club had their moment in the sun, they insisted that such clubs were actually a ruse to recruit their kids and turn them gay. You know, because that’s a thing you can do.

Via The New Civil Rights Movement, emphasis mine:

“People who want to start a gay club in our high school say it will be all about coming together because of common interest to talk about diversity and political issues,” said one parent who addressed the school board (video below). “But the teachers and administrators and parents need to know that the GSA is a youth recruitment strategy carefully laid out by gay activists that carefully avoids addressing the health issues involved. The mainstream media won’t report it, but the Internet is packed with truths about the radical gay political agenda and lifestyles. In order to get what they want, they’re targeting kids. If you’ve ever heard of Kevin Jennings, he’s the founder of the GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network). In 2006, they had a conference up in Massachusetts where they bused in middle school and high school kids that were members of the GSA, and they were subjected to stuff like fisting, rimming, oral sex, anal sex. The GLSEN does not belong in our schools.”

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Oh man, I can’t even believe these people are for real. How do they think anyone is going to “recruit” someone to have a sexual preference? Even if that were any kind of goal that anyone had, which it isn’t, it’s not a thing you can actually do. It’s just fucking sad and weird and pathetic that they continue to hold onto this crap.

What they’re actually desperately afraid of is that organizations like this will encourage their kids to not be bigots, and then realize their parents are jerks. They’re also probably afraid that some of their kids are actually gay, and are hoping they just stay in the closet forever.

Oh, also all of that stuff about Kevin Jennings is ridiculous.

Although the school board did not decide to get rid of the club, they did decide on some new requirements for extracurricular clubs to “clarify” things for parents. One of these new rules, which bans clubs from “soliciting new members,” is clearly meant to calm the fears of the weird bigot parents about the GSA trying to recruit their kids into the “gay lifestyle.” Which, again, is not a thing.

[The New Civil Rights Movement]