Kanye West Says That Bill Cosby Is Innocent

Ever the iconoclast, Kanye West picked up his phone, opened the Twitter app and entered a few words into the box Tuesday night that uh, well, in case you were wondering, Bill Cosby is innocent.

This tweet comes on the heels of a few other, more innocent tweets schooling the youths about the definition and pronunciation of the word “zine” and some sneak peeks at Yeezy Season 3, which will debut on Thursday in Madison Square Garden. Does Kanye actually think that Cosby is innocent, despite mountains of evidence and the statements of a bajillion women who would have you believe the very opposite? I don’t know!

Is this an attempt to deflect heat from the fact that he’s changed his album title from SWISH to WAVES to the mysterious T.L.O.P? Maybe. Is Kanye trolling us all and has he been doing so for quite some time? We don’t know. My guess is that we’ll find out when he’s good and ready.