Ashley Graham Is The First Curvy Swimsuit Model in ‘Sports Illustrated’

It’s almost Sports Illustrated¬†swimsuit issue season, but this year, things will be a teensy bit different. Model Ashley Graham is one of the first “plus-size” or “curvy” models to be shot for the annual issue, which is a huge step for body positivity and also for Graham herself. This morning,¬†SI revealed Graham as the magazine’s second “rookie” model for 2016.

Readers will be able to vote for Graham as a “Rookie Of The Year”, which would guarantee her an actual spot in next year’s issue if she wins. Graham, as you may remember, showed out in a SwimsuitsForAll ad that ran in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue last year. She looked incredible and also provided gentle reassurance that I could indeed wear a triangle bikini top with confidence.


How refreshing! How nice! How lame to say that it’s refreshing and nice to see someone whose body sort of reflects the body of so many women across this great land! Yes, yes, we know, that she is a model and not everyone is stacked and curvy and thick in all the right places. It’s a start, okay? It’s a start.