The Girl Scouts Got Bumped For A Beyoncé Concert A Levi Stadium

Last week the Fan Francisco 49ers cancelled a planned sleepover for the Girl Scouts, which was initially the prize for the top cookie-sellers in northern California. After the cancellation was reported and the public was not pleased, the team offered to reschedule and pay for the event, San Jose Mercury News reported.

Initially the vague reason was for a more lucrative concert, but after Beyoncé announced her upcoming Formation stadium tour during Sunday’s Super Bowl, the reason was more clear than ever. Who run the world? Girls! Money!

Despite the team’s offer to reschedule, the CEO of The Girl Scouts of Northern California Marina Park did not want to further disappoint the 1,200+ girls were invited with future last minute cancelations. Fortunately the San Francisco Giants stepped up and offered their stadium instead. The 49ers will still be footing the bill.

It’s not clear if Beyoncé knew that she was canceling a slumber party (she probably doesn’t book her own tours). With the Girl Scouts issue seemingly solved, she’s using the Formation tour to address bigger problems, launching a fund for children effected by the Flint water crisis. Bey is scheduled for a concert at Detroit’s Ford Field on May 29 to support the fund, and asks fans to keep up with [email protected] account for updates on Flint residents in need.


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