Stephen Colbert Threw A Football To Chewbacca, President Obama And Outer Space On ‘The Late Show’

Following the Superbowl mayhem, post-game programming transitioned seamlessly to The Late Show with Stpehen Colbert, which opened with Colbert tossing a football to Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Landers in Afghanistan — a sweet gesture which unfortunately included the soldiers making a hacky joke about “eating dust.”

The next pass was caught by astronaut Scott Kelly, who demonstrated his low-gravity by swimming with the ball and ending with a flip. To top off the absurdity of the whole shtick, Colbert then passed the ball to Chewbacca, who appeared as brief as a blink and threw the ball back to Colbert with a tuft of his fur entwined.

The bit ended with Colbert passing the ball to Obama, who after begrudgingly admitting his catch was pre-taped was joined by Colbert on the screen (TWO COLBERTS ON STAGE), where they played a quick game in the White House ending the pass with Michelle Obama who told the men to “stop throwing footballs in The White House” (LOL get it? Because she’s the wife!).

The show went on to interview Tina Fey and Margot Robbie about their upcoming film Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,  a film based on the true story of a female journalist working in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The interview quickly devolved into them talking about how hot you’re considered as a woman in a disproportionately male populated area (Afghanistan/Pakistan apparently) and something about Margot’s tattoo? It felt like a textbook late night interview with female celebrities where it’s filled with irrelevant yet somehow sexual tangents and wistful fuck-me eyes, but I may have been salty from the Panthers loss.

Will Ferrell trotted out as the next guest, his opening joke essentially being how short his shorts were, then he was swiftly outshined by a kitten that blinded the circle-jerk of his interview.

I emotionally tuned out after that, but apparently Megyn Kelly was featured (okay), as well as Key and Peele (actually okay!) — however by that time I felt mostly bored and annoyed by the whole debacle.

Basically, I would’ve been happy watching Colbert throw footballs to space the whole time, because THAT’S a gimmick I can get behind.