New Instagram ‘Let’s Talk About Mental Health’ Illustrates Stories Of Mental Illness

As much as Instagram can be a place for¬†heartwarming memories and funny snapshots, it can also be an outlet that glorifies curation to a fault, upholding Instagram celebs that present unrealistic ideals of everyday beauty, or lifestyle shots that are as staged as they are privileged. This duality of platform is exactly why Jessica Walsh – a New York-based designer, chose the site for her project Let’s Talk About Mental Health.

CREDIT: 12 Kinds Of Kindness

Branching out of 12 Kinds Of Kindness, a project headed up by Walsh and her creative partner Timothy Goodman wherein they spent a year making intentional gestures towards increased empathy, the Instagram serves as a supportive platform for followers to share and submit their mental health or trauma related stories and feelings.

CREDIT: Let's Talk About Mental Health

Walsh is creating illustrations to pair with the anecdotes that she will continue posting on the site and Instagram over the next few months.

CREDIT: 12 Kinds Of Kindness

To see more of her illustrations and read more of the stories, visit the website here. It’s lovely.