Michigan Governor Orders Wife Diamond Strewn Cake While Flint Residents Wait In Line For Water

Further proof that Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is Satan incarnate:  the governor who’s proved his biggest strength is being an aggressively incompetent sociopath who turns a blind eye to the all the lives being affected by the lead-poisoned water in Flint, went the way of Marie Antoinette when he commissioned a cake for his wife’s birthday party that looked exactly like a diamond necklace strewn Nordstrom box topped off with a Chanel bag.

This cake is disgusting no matter how you slice it, as it’s essentially an homage to high-end consumers. It reeks of unabashed privilege. But when you consider the fact that Flint families are currently waiting hours in line for cupfuls of clean water, Snyder’s bourgeois taste in cake-design transcends bad taste and enters realms of blatant cruelty.

This is not a matter of a temporary blind-spot in lieu of his love for his wife, or desire to throw her a party — having been heckled just last week in an Ann Arbor restaurant, Snyder foresaw the public’s disapproval of his sugar-coated sadism and had the windows of the West End Grill “blackened out” during the birthday party, as well as employing security on all sides, so as to prevent thirsty plebes from interrupting their consumption of frosted diamonds.

Sweet Heather Anne the company that made the cake  had no idea who they were making the edible display of capitalism for.

They said in a statement to Mlive:

“We delivered it to the West End Grill and put it down and I’m taking photos of the cake. Then Claudia, who was also working on the cake with me, looks up and sees Rick Snyder on all the photos in the room, and so we put two and two together. We knew that renting out West End Grill is not a cheap thing to do on a Saturday night, but we have a lot of high end clients. We just didn’t know this one was the governor.”

Well, we all know the classic saying: “Don’t hate the cake-makers, hate the cake.” Or in this case, “Don’t hate the cake-makers, just double up your hatred for Rick Snyder’s impenetrable savagery.”