Man Dies In Krispy Kreme Race That Requires Participants Eat 12 Donuts

The Krispy Kreme Race is one of the more bizarre and self-contradictory physical activity one could partake in, combining sugary, fat-filled donuts and long distance running by requiring participants to eat a dozen donuts during the 5-mile race.

Tragically, this combination sparked a fatal reaction in North Carolina this past Saturday. A  58-year-old runner reported feeling chest pains during the first mile of the race, and was quickly transported to a neighborhood hospital in the area where he passed away.

The Krispy Kreme Race is in its 12th year and this is the first time anything like this  has occurred.

Organizers posted a statement on their Facebook regarding the tragedy:

“Unfortunately we have some sad news to share. We regretfully confirm that a participant of today’s Krispy Kreme Challenge has died. A 58-year-old male stepped out of the race within the first mile and reported having chest pains. He was transported by EMS to Rex Hospital where he was pronounced dead. We are deeply saddened and wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to his loved ones.”

My condolences and best wishes to his family and fellow Krispy Kreme Race runners.