Here’s UCLA Gymnast Sophina DeJesus’s Incredible Floor Routine, Complete With A Carefully Timed Dab

This past weekend, at a gymnastics meet between UCLA and Utah, the Bruins beat Utah, wiggling by with a victory that was buoyed by senior Sophina DeJesus’s killer 9.925 floor routine. I love gymnastics as much as the next person and the floor routines are always the most exciting to watch, but never have I ever seen anything as fire as this.

“Sonya Meraz is becoming a house favorite here, isn’t she,” says the audibly nervous(?) announcer, who quickly realizes that he bungled her name, corrects himself and lets DeJesus do what she came here to do.

Floor routines are exciting to watch because seeing someone throw themselves into the air using nothing but their own strength and years of training is exciting, but the in-between filler between tumbling passes is usually full of weird demonstrations of flexibility and tight, rigid pirouettes. What a goddamn relief it is to see someone having fun with it while also slaying the parts that any judge is actually paying attention to.

She whips, she nae-naes, and then, after nailing a final tumbling pass that ends in a split, she salutes the crowds, then dabs. I mean, really. Thank you, Sophina.