Oscars 2016 Swag Bag Includes $275 Roll Of Toilet Paper

This year’s Oscars swag bag is worth a WHOPPING record $232,000. Among items like a $55,000 trip to Israel and $45,000 worth of Audi A4 rentals is a roll of Joseph’s Toiletries luxury toilet paper, valued at $275 each. Argh. Remember that gem? Yes, Gwyneth uses it.

What’s great is you can use this $275 toilet paper to wipe off the blood when you do your $1,900 Vampire Breast Lift; where blood is drawn from the arm and inserted back into the breasts for a perkier cleavage. Yep that’s right! :(

This makes me sick in so many ways I can’t even take it so I’m just going to say this: if you didn’t think the Oscars was peak white people before, this insanely priced TP and other shit surely will convince you.

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