Yes, Ma’am, I Would Like This Perfect, $1500 Han Solo Replica Bomber

UK retailer Matchless has fulfilled every single one of my dreams and made Star Wars costumes of all eras into real, wearable, and most importantly buyable fashion. These admittedly luxury-priced items (the collection starts at $600) are not merely very good cosplay – they’re easily workable into your wardrobe. See, for example, Leia’s Hoth vest:

CREDIT: Matchless/NASA

They’ve also got an adaptation of Rey’s tunic-and-armwrap getup in the form of a jacket that, come to think of it, also resembles Poe and Finn’s jacket an awful lot:

CREDIT: Matchless/NASA

And, of course, in the header, you can see what is essentially for me a fantasy made manifest: Han Solo’s bomber jacket cut for women. I die. I seriously die.

Get your butt over to Matchless if you have the coin. And, actually, if you have the coin, make sure to ship the entire collection to me, too.

[h/t Nerdist]
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