Trump Just Agreed To Go To The Next Debate Hosted By Megyn Kelly

With a new power-bob and book deal, it’s safe to say that everything is coming up Megyn Kelly. But the real victory came today when her most vocal critic, Donald Trump, agreed to attend her next debate.

“No, I’ll be there,” Trump told the Steve Malzberg Show on Friday. “I have no objection to being there.”

True to Trump form, he didn’t admit any fault for running from the last debate. In fact, he back-pedaled even harder and claimed Kelly had nothing to do with why he abstained. Instead, he blamed an inappropriate memo from FOX on the decision.

“And what happened, is because I didn’t do it, I raised $6 million for the vets. So I wouldn’t have changed places. I mean, I did the right thing,” Trump said of the ultimate outcome, as if the feud against the “lightweight reporter” never happened.

What he probably meant to say is that the decision to opt out of the debate while shitting on the media didn’t work. He lost the caucus, Kelly won the battle, and who wins the war is anyone’s guess. One thing is for sure — we’re going to get a crazy debate out of it, which will be broadcasted from Detroit on March 3rd, 9:00pm ET on FOX News.