The Cast Of Friday Night Lights Will Reunite Because Texas Really Is Forever

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t wait: a Friday Night Lights reunion is in the works! Rarely am I ever moved by much, but Friday Night Lights is a television program that manages to cut through every layer of black in my soul so the news of this reunion is fan-fucking-tastic.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the ten year reunion will be the center of the ATX Television Festival and will reunite all of your faves on a Texas football field, complete with a pep rally and tailgating and photo ops! No word yet on who will be participating but I hope Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler will at the very least wear aviators and squint at each other with a heartwarming mixture of both love and slight irritation for at least ten minutes on the hour.

ATX is June 9-12 in Austin, duh. Texas forever!