Orange Is The New Black Renewed For Three More Seasons!

Yaaaaaay! Actual good news! Netflix has decided to renew Orange Is The New Black for three more seasons–three more seasons in addition to the fourth season premiering on June 17.

Jenji Kohan, who will continue on as showrunner, celebrated the news in a statement:

“Three more years! Not quite a political term, but still plenty of time to do some interesting things. In some cultures, ‘May you lead an interesting life,’ is a curse, but I don’t live in those cultures. Here’s to keeping it interesting. Thanks, Netflix! Both thanks and you’re welcome Lionsgate! And kudos and gratitude to the stellar cast and crew and writers and producers and editors and musicians and mixers and shleppers … with whom I have the pride and honor of crafting this show. Three more years! Three more years!”

I’m psyched, and also hoping that these future seasons will further Season 3’s trend of diminishing Piper’s role in the series. I mean, I’m not saying she should be written out entirely, because her terribleness serves to make us love everyone else on the show more, but–let’s be real here–she has probably the least interesting storyline going.

I am also hoping for more singing, and for something really terrible to happen to Matt McGorry’s character, because leaving Daya’s crib in the middle of the road like that was a really horrible and vicious thing to do and I am still really mad about it.