An Orangutang Named Tuah Predicted Panthers Will Win Superbowl

For eight years straight, animals at the Hogle Zoo in Utah have correctly predicted the Superbowl winners, and although this was his first year on duty, one-year-old orangutan Tuah made a prediction clearly in favor of the Panthers when he chewed up the Panthers sign and later smooched a papier-mache Panthers helmet. He didn’t even approach the Denver Broncos sign or helmet.

The zoo holds this annual event every Thursday before the Superbowl, and in the past Tuah’s dad picked seven straight winners before passing away in 2015. Last year a lion was given the duty, as Tuah was still a baby and not yet ready for the emotional burden of predicting a Superbowl champion, continuing the winning predictions with the New England Patriots.

Will Tuah continue the winning streak with a correct prediction?! We will see Sunday!