Wendy Davis Is Ready To Put On Her Sneakers And Run Again

Way back on June 25, 2013, former Texas Senator Wendy Davis rocked our world by spending 11 hours on her feet in a filibuster to block a restrictive abortion bill that was eventually signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry. Buoyed by the support of Texans eager for a change in state legislature, and the online support of feminists across the country who were eager to #StandWithWendy, Davis ran for governor in 2013. She lost in a landslide to Attorney General Greg Abbott, but she’s got her pink Mizuno sneakers at the ready if another political opportunity presents itself.

On the Huffington Post podcast “Candidate Confessional,” Davis told hosts Sam Stein and Jason Cherkis, “I miss being in the ring. I miss it very, very much. I felt like it was the place that I was really meant to be. It is where my life struggles and my education came together in a way that I think really served the people that I was elected to serve well. I would love to have the honor to do that at some point again in the future and I am definitely going to keep my eyes open to that opportunity,” she said, adding, “And if one presents itself, I will run.”

Davis also criticized the women who laughed at Trump’s sexist remarks about Megyn Kelly during the Republican debate, noting, “The camera panned the audience, and what was so disappointing was to see the number of women who were applauding and laughing at those comments… Unless and until women are demonstrating respect for each other we’re not going to realize the equality that we all deserve.”

Listen to the entire podcast here.