Pop-Up Gas Station Will Memorialize Zoolander Male Models Killed In Tragic Gasoline Fight

Derek Zoolander, Hansel, and Mugatu are back for Zoolander 2, but you know who’s not back? Those ridiculously good-looking models who died in a freakish gasoline fight one sunny afternoon after grabbing a few orange mocha frappucinos, that’s who.

A statue will be erected this Friday, February 6, in Los Angeles, to memorialize their fiery, dumb deaths, along with a pop-up gas station that will be serving frosty orange coffee beverages in their honor. The festivities will take place in the parking lot of Swingers Diner, at the corner of Beverly Boulevard and Laurel Avenue. We’ll never forget Meekus and … uh… those other guys who weren’t played by a then-known Alexander Skarsgard.

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