Netflix Study About Relationships And Streaming Shows You Guys Take This Really Seriously

Netflix released a study on Netflix and relationship habits, because Valentine’s Day and Why Not, Right? Anyway, it turns out that you people take Netflix very very very seriously.



As you can see, 25 percent of people find potential mates more attractive based on what shows they watch, and 58 percent have added shows to their queue to increase their own attractiveness. Netflix: It’s like spreading your tail feathers, except your tail feathers are Kevin Spacey.


Fifty-one percent of people think that sharing a Netflix password means that it’s serious, and a whole 17 percent of people won’t share their password until they’re engaged. By comparison, consider the fact that by the age of 20, only 23 percent of people have abstained from premarital sex. Netflix: It’s like your genitals, except your genitals have been wrongfully imprisoned.

Also, Netflix might be interested in asking how this is affected when you’re using your mom’s Netflix account in the first place.


Sixty-five percent of people negotiate over what shows to watch, which means that 35 percent of people are FASCISTS. Netflix: It’s like democracy, except your representatives are having lesbian sex.

Do you feel more enlightened about your relationship now? Insert joke about Netflix-and-chill here. I got nothing.


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