Kentucky Mayor Admitted Trading Favors For BJs, But Charges Were Dismissed

Last April, Shepherdsville, Kentucky Mayor Scott Ellis–a two term Republican– got into some hot water after three women came forward to say that he had offered them assistance or items for in exchange for sexual favors. Though he was indicted, the charges against him–for solicitation of prostitution–were dropped.

However, evidence released this week shows that Ellis made a videotape confession admitting to offering to help a parolee in exchange for “a bj or sex,” as well as confessing to having had the woman perform oral sex on him in his car and in his office.

Also released were various text messages and Facebook messages, which included nude pictures, and promises to speak to then-Governor Steve Beshear about getting the woman a pardon for the woman’s drug conviction.


In one Facebook message, from October 2014, Ellis wrote to the woman, “What I meant by you need something and I need something. (sic) Is you needed money for your phone and I needed a bj or sex.”

In another message, from Nov. 18, 2014, the woman asked Ellis if he had “done everything that needs to be done” to obtain a pardon for her from a drug conviction.

“I have called several times actually. Told him who you were (sic) they pull your file and review it to see how to handle it,” Ellis replied. Beshear issued no pardons until 2015, and the woman’s name was not among the 201 people pardoned last December.

In addition, the mayor allegedly told a Shepherdsville police officer that while he didn’t have sex with the woman, oral sex “might be another story.”

The lead investigator in the case wrote that the oral sex took place in the mayor’s office.


Another one of the women accusing Ellis of sexual impropriety was a volunteer firefighter who says that she had met him and told him of her dream to become a police officer. He said she would only get that job if she gave him a blow job, and she complied. Ellis later fired her, saying that she was too much drama.

According to a letter obtained by WDRB, sent by Shepherdsville Treasurer Gayla Bright, Ellis had acted inappropriately with her and other women–citing an incident in which he had sat in the lap of a female water department employee in particular.

As if all of that weren’t enough? Ellis is also a gross racist!


Lt. Col. Dan Patchin of the Shepherdsville Police Department claims that in August 2012 he heard Ellis “talk about black people and referred to them as ‘N—–s,’” according to investigative records from the Bullitt County Sheriff’s Office related to a misdemeanor prostitution charge against Ellis. The case was dismissed last November.

The mayor “went on to say that the (sic) thought that every ‘N—–’ born should be injected with Cycle Cell (sic) so that they could not reproduce,” Patchin wrote in a four-page timeline of his interactions with Ellis.

Mayor Ellis is, naturally, denying all of this, but for some crazy reason I just don’t believe him.

Now, you might think that with all of those awful things piling up, that Scott Ellis might consider resigning, but no. He still thinks he should be mayor. Huh.