James Corden and Rosie O’Donnell Rapping Hamilton Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ll See This Week

Everyone — literally, almost everyone — loves Hamilton. That’s great! It’s supposed to be really great; I wouldn’t know from personal experience because I don’t have a billion dollars and have yet to successfully get tickets via their lottery. But, the soundtrack is fun, though at times it feels like the brainchild of a particularly inspired AP History teacher, who really wants to “make a difference.” Like all musical theatre, it’s inherently embarrassing, though enjoyable at its core. People singing on stage is earnest as hell, and it’s hard to look directly at it.

Nothing, however, will prepare you for the embarrassment you will feel watching James Corden and Rosie O’Donnell, two noted Hamil-heads, doing rap hands and going in on the rap in Hamilton’s opening number. Be amazed at their verbal prowess or feel more embarrassed than you maybe, just maybe, pooped your pants at work.