5 Things Leo Can Do With His Hands and Face at The Oscars Instead of Vaping

The American Lung Association has already blasted the actor for doing it at the SAG awards last week, but it also seems that The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is also dropping the hammer on vaping at The Oscars. What will poor Leo do with his hands and face while he’s nervously waiting to see if he’ll finally nab a statue?

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Cat’s Cradle
You can probably sneak a ball of yarn into the Dolby Theater; why not lean over and challenge Alejandro Inñáritu to a little friendly game? I mean, he did make you eat a bear or something.

Practice American Sign Language
It’s the next step in your development as an activist, and a fun, subversive way to curse without many people knowing it.

Dig For Gold
Just say you’re method acting.

Keep Making Fun of Lady Gaga
At least that’s what I like to think he was doing when he was caught laughing while she sauntered down to accept her award during the Golden Globes.

Inexplicably Point at Other Actors In Your Category
Maintain eye contact. Point furiously. YOU WILL BEAT THEM. Or at least confuse the hell out of them.