Wait, Chris Hemsworth Is Hot

I’m already so onboard with the gender-flipped Ghostbusters reboot, but these new images released by Sony Pictures yesterday have also sold me on the hotness of Chris Hemsworth. Good job, marketing team!

His hotness may not be news to anyone else, but I generally find him too beefy, and, when he’s all Thor-ed out, maybe a little bit too much. It’s possible I have PTSD because all of the muscle-bound dudes I knew growing up were jockish jerkholes, but this geek makeover on Hemsworth has opened my eyes and shown me the light. You can point at me anytime, you Aussie dreamboat!

Ew, gross. This reverse male gaze doesn’t feel right to my brain at all.

Head over to Ghostbusters.com for more images, because everyone involved in this movie is already making it look so much more rad than I could ever dream.