Teens React To ‘Fuller House’ Trailer With Relatably Mixed Emotions

I’d be a liar if I denied being suckered into the stream of “Kids React” and now “Teens React” videos, wherein a panel of children are shown reacting to trending pop culture, whether it’s a music video, or a movie trailer, or even a political moment. There’s something charming about processing pop culture through younger eyes, and many times, the kids they choose are fairly smart and perceptive.

I’m already a nostalgia addict and was particularly fond of Full House, so when I saw the circulating headline “Teens Watch Fuller House Trailer, Make You Feel Old,” I felt drawn in. However, after watching the actual video, I realized my feelings about the trailer match many of the teens.

The recurring sentiments were mostly along the lines of the trailer being sad, the trailer not communicating any actual information, the weirdness of seeing the child stars as adults, and the flood of nostalgia that washes over you when you see the familiar living room.

I’m excited for the show in general, but I definitely felt the confusing combination of sadness and being underwhelmed and nostalgic and unsure what legs Fuller House will be able to stand on, besides our collective memory. These feelings are exactly what the teens expressed with their passing remarks of, “Wait, what?” and “Okay, I feel sad for some reason.”

Although, I have to say — my favorite commenter was the boy who was full-on lost and kept referencing Air Bud. Can you even imagine ANOTHER Air Bud reboot? That would be a whole different stew of emotions.