Rand Paul Drops Out Of GOP Race, Pledges To Continue Igniting “Brush Fires Of Liberty”

Rand Paul has suspended his campaign for the presidency today, saying in a statement that he’s pleased that so many people embraced his message of limited government (except in the cases of women and queers).

“Brush fires of liberty were ignited,” he said, “and those will carry on, as will I.” Brush fires of liberty! I hope you’ve got fire insurance on your homeowner’s policy, America, because Rand “Brush Fire” Paul is still blazing.

Paul is only the seventh of sixteen original candidates to drop out of the race for the GOP’s nomination for president, after Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Lindsay Graham, George Pataki, and Mike Huckabee. There are still nine left. I will give the GOP that they really know how to keep hope alive.

Paul is up for re-election in the Senate for his home state of Kentucky, so I guess he’ll be committing Liberty Arson in the Capitol yet. Godspeed, Brush Fire.

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