McDonald’s Will Serve Books With Happy Meals Instead Of Toys

From now until February 15, if you’re ordering a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, you’re going to get a little homework with it. The promotion which started this past Tuesday is probably meant to please parents more than the kids. After all, they’re often the ones who are paying for the food.

Happy Meals will come with one of four books including Michael A Bond’s classic Paddington, as well as three other Valentine’s themed books. You might want to warn kids of this slight change before heading to the drive-thru, or risk ruining Valentine’s Day and chicken nuggets in the same afternoon.

This marks the third time McDonald’s has traded in toys for literacy overall and they will distribute 50 million children’s books this way overall — 17 million this year alone. Even the most toy hungry kid can see the good in that, right?

If not, there’s always ice cream.