Is This Woman Living Our Best Dream Or Worst Nightmare?

This looks like a fantastic nightmare.

Recent snowstorms in China have been making it hard for people to get around, particularly by airplane, with passengers either being stranded or trying to book different flights. As Atlas Obscura reports, one woman’s patience truly paid off.

After surviving a 10-hour delay at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport, the woman, whose last name is Zhang, got some good news: everyone else had switched to earlier flights, and her patience had been rewarded with an essentially private journey.

There are two ways to look at this.

Camp This Is Awesome

This is ultimate “live your best life” territory. A private jet without the private jet price tag, an army of people at your beck and call, and finally, mercifully, enough leg room for anyone. Zhang apparently spent the flight “taking Vanna White selfies with the empty seats, switching from row to row, and sharing a bag of oranges with the pilot.” I’m being completely hyperbolic when I say this woman is my hero, but…maybe I’m not?

Camp Oh Hell No

This looks like the opening scene of a horror movie. What if the flight attendants turn into zombies? What if the plane goes down? What if everyone keeps looking at you? I only feel safe in planes when there are babies on board (because planes carrying babies can’t crash, it’s just science) and everyone in the aircraft agrees to leave me alone. This is overwhelming!

The flight was a mere 2-hours, which, depending on your world view, is just enough time to get freaked out or blissed out.