Alicia Keys Is Sending Paul Ryan A Valentine (To Ask For Criminal Justice Reform)

Alicia Keys wants Paul Ryan to be her Valentine this year, but she’s not greedy – she wants everyone else who cares about criminal justice reform to extend Ryan the invitation, too. Keys and her We Are Here movement for justice reform has been working with former White House official Van Jones’ #cut50, an organization that’s aiming to cut America’s prison population in half.

#cut50 has a petition going at #JusticeReformNow that you can sign to encourage members of Congress to bring criminal justice reform to the table. But Keys is also asking you to send Paul Ryan a valentine asking him to bring criminal justice reform to a vote. Jones notes that reform is a rare issue on which even Ryan and President Obama have common ground, telling Mic, “Everybody knows what the right thing to do here is. It’s just not the No. 1 issue on anybody’s agenda.”

If you want to send a valentine to Paul Ryan, you can sign We Are Here’s valentine on their web site.

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